NYLC consists of Boys and Girls ages 13-18 yrs. The focus of the NYLC is to address community and health problems faced by Native Youth today. Some of the major problems identified by the NYLC include gang affiliation, peer pressure, suspension/expulsion from school, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, and lack of knowledge about higher education opportunities. The Goals of the NYLC are to attend youth conferences and workshops, and to promote skills in regards to educational goals-- i.e. college. The NYLC wants to be open to all participants in the community, recognizing that all Native Youth are the future leaders of our tribes and families. The NYLC wants to encourage fellow youth to live healthy, mindful lives that promote cultural pride, community cohesion, and self-respect. They meet weekly and work as a group on the best ways to reach out and educate other Native Youth about diabetes prevention, living a healthy lifestyle, and building youth self-esteem, and becoming positive role models in their communities.